Geoff Maccormack

Just Suppose

14tH November to 22ND December 2019 An exhibition of images of David Bowie

Christopher Green


10TH March to 26TH March 2012An exhibition of river and marsh drawings

Dean Chalkley


4th February to 29th February 2012A collection of images from the Music business covering major acts including: Grace Jones, Paul Weller and many more.

Winter Open

Collective exhibition

3rd December to 24th December 2011"Winter Open" is a collective exhibition that showcases the very best from established and emerging artists. 

Jonathan Trim

“Salt in the Air”

5th November to 27th November 2011Jonathan Trim's work explores the landscape using the themes of estuaries and the remote areas of England. 

Manfred Hennessy

Coastal Dreaming

8th October to 25th October 2011Coastal Dreaming brings together a number of paintings and prints that are firmly rooted in the artist’s life-long experience of Old Leigh and the Essex coastline.“Coastal Dreaming” delights with quality artwork that portrays a strong sense of narrative, mystery, and occasional dark whimsy.”

Heidi Wigmore

The Real Strumps

2nd September to 25th September 2011Drawings that explore the debate about how much control we have over the way we are perceived and how we might want to change that, an evolution of the 'Trumps' card  game 'Super  Strumps' developed with Syd Moore, that reclaims the labels and myths around female stereotypes

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